How to get better in UX writing with these essential tips.

There are literally books about e-commerce and website design in general, and we are not going to talk about all of that now since we can’t cover it all. We are going to talk about essential things on how to improve user experience in e-commerce and website design.

What is UX writing?

Isn’t that a content writers job?

Apart from that, Copy or Content Writers main goal is creating texts that sell something, products, services, tools, etc. They are not known with the user experience as well as designers.

Is the text really that important?

Next, to the product image, people want to see name, details, prices, discounts (if there is any), etc. Picture of a product alone is not enough to give users all the information they need.

Things to consider in website and e-commerce design:

  1. Condensed sentences: All the sentences and text, in general, need to be on point and meaningful, no pointless sentences to fill the empty space.
  2. Helpful copy: Text needs to assist users with their experience on the website or app, by giving them all the necessary information to find what they are looking for.
  3. Consistency: At all times you need to keep the same tone of voice, style or terminology. If you change that, users might fill confused and see you as unprofessional, which may reflect on leaving the website forever.

How to improve your UX writing

Keep the writing real

Create scannable content

Show them the numbers

Grammar flexibility in UX writing

Always test

Capitalization in the copy

  1. Title Style Caps are used to mark field labels, actions, menu items, and page titles,
  2. Sentence Style Caps are used for longer copy such as page or field descriptions and tooltips
  3. ALL-CAPS are used only for really important items (brand names, core navigation in the website header, a short tagline, call-to-action text, and buttons) and avoid it at all the rest of cases.

Most important comes first

Learning UX writing is not something you will master in a day, it will need a lot of time, dedication and learning to master it. But if you work effortlessly, will make it happen and be better from time to time. This article for sure didn’t cover all the things about writing, but the point was to share essential things to consider when it comes to UX and writing itself, it is up to you how far you will get. Follow us and we will make sure to help everyone who is willing to learn and progress.

Thank you for reading!

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