Design in Digital Marketing

For an effective digital marketing strategy, it’s important to have a good design that hits the right target audience in order to implement an effective message.

Having a website design specifically for your target audience is not a luxury, it’s a good business strategy which will help anyone to improve and make most out of it. Nowadays people use websites to order food, buy furniture, clothes, pay bills and many more, so why not than create a website which will be easy to use. No matter the company size and type, being online is a necessity for almost any business nowadays. Otherwise, companies lose great potential by neglecting online marketing opportunities.

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies, mainly on the Internet, but also including mobile phones, tablets, and smart TV’s.

There are several ways of using digital marketing, and they are:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Email marketing
  • Display advertising
  • Social media marketing
  • Video marketing
  • Content marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Referral marketing
  • Affiliate marketing

Digital marketing is a very important part of every business nowadays since people are very active online. It is better than traditional marketing since it can focus on certain types of people and helps you track your statistic with different marketing tools, such as Google Analytics.

Digital marketing campaigns can be done with zero budget, but it’s a lot more effective if you pay for advertising and can reach much more people in a short amount of time. Hiring a specialized design or digital marketing agency can also help you with that.

How are design and digital marketing related?

They both work with the same goal, to reach potential users and clients, and to transfer a proper message. Design can not exist without marketing and marketing can not exist without design.

Marketers and designers need to work together to have better results. Even if designers create a website, for example, which looks great and have high traffic, still that doesn’t mean it will have a high conversion rate because it’s may be created for a wrong target audience.

When creating a project for clients designers should do thorough research and keep in mind clients’ strategic business goals in order to expand the client’s brand.

In order to implement these strategies designer need to focus on these things:

UI/UX Design

It’s important to always follow a set of basic rules which will help you in the design process. No matter if you are creating a one-page website or a huge e-commerce website, a designer should always do his research and create a good structure before going any further with the project. Not every website requires a high conversion rate or high traffic, it’s important to let yourself know with clients business strategies and it’ target audience.

Motion design

The animation is more important in design and marketing than you think. Apart from being eye-catching, animations have higher engagement and conversion rates. It can create boring websites and apps into fun and exciting ones, giving them some sort of dynamics.

Brand identity

The brand is a symbol or a sign that that visually represents a company and its products. Branding is a way to broadcast companies message. The brand identity of a company helps it to stand out from its competitors, build trust, and enhance brand recognition.

The brand is a company itself. Where ever you see some companies logo you think of something they represent. For example, Coca Cola invented Santa Claus, and they went so deep with their Christmas commercials that some people even believed he really exists. In the end, everyone connects them with holidays and family. But of course, in order to achieve good results, you need to hire professionals to do that.

Always come prepared

Before deciding to hire any professional you should learn as much as possible about your business strategies, your clients and even about a job that professional will do for you. To achieve that try to create a list of questions you will be having for them.

Try to think about your companies mission, nature, and values. Check out your competitors and see what makes you different from them, what makes you special. It’s always a good thing to talk to your employees or even better, your old clients and see what they think about your business.

Always set your short-term and long-term objectives and your main goal. Define what you are trying to achieve with your business. Try to find out who are your clients: basic information about their age, gender, location, profession, etc.

Set your budget and try to figure out how much can you spend on marketing and design professionals. Being a significant part of digital marketing, the business-oriented design requires a thorough approach and should be done by professionals. When you know your goals it’s one step closer to growing your business.

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