Case Study: Dimitrije Salon. Logo & Branding Design for Luxury Hair Salon

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Identity design case study: the creative process for logo design and branded items with the results for a luxury Hair Salon.

Each company from the small to large has its own history along with specifics of services and that is a powerful base for identity designers to find bright ideas. An original logo is a good tool for setting the connection with potential customers by transferring the company character and mood.

It may seem difficult to design an absolutely unique symbol because there are so many brands around. However, skilled and experienced designers can find the way to creating a brand sign which will stand out among thousands of others.

Today we share a case study showing the creative process of a logo and business card design for a luxury hair salon from Serbia.


Logo design and branded items for a luxury hair salon.


Recently we provided branding services for a luxury hair salon called Dimitrije Salon. Dimitrije is a hair specialist that planned to open his own luxury hair salon in Belgrade. He asked us if we can design a unique logo and business card for his salon that does not associate with other hair salons and it’s very luxurious and classy. A new brand sign was expected to help him stand out with a modern appearance so that it could correspond to the peculiarities of the target audience which includes haircut lovers, both males, and females.

The client liked copper and dark grey color palette. The style was chosen for it then had to be developed into the set of branded items such as a business card, T-shirt, Apron cape, and a foil on a shop windows. The major client’s request was to include Cyrillic letter “D” in the logo.


We started the logo design process with the brainstorming and analyzing client’s idea for a logo sign. As he wanted a luxurious look and feel, his brand sign was expected to be serious and elegant. In addition, he wanted to have copper and dark grey colors included to corresponds to his vision of the brand image.

After everything was considered and the direction was chosen, we have started the creative process. The first stage was searching for the right shape. Using a pencil we sketched many different shapes in order to find the right one. Such an approach allows us to picturing various concepts without significant efforts and within a short time. Sketches help us to show clients early ideas, and in case the client wants to make some changes, it’s much easier to make them at this creative stage than in a digital version with elaborate details. Here are some sketches of our logo design process for Dimitrije Salon.

We went with simple geometric shapes since they are elegant, simple, and pleasant to our eyes. We went with a few different shapes followed by the Cyrillic letter “D”.

After some discussion, it was decided to go with geometric lines in a more convenient way.

Dimitrije liked the last option we showed him, so we moved to the next stage which requires working with colors and polishing the details.

The final logo was completed in the desired way. A symbol represented a star, as he is the best in what he does, outlined to also represent the hair in a very abstract and unique way. Symbols have a significant influence on the human mind. Psychology of shapes states that our mood can be changed according to the shapes we are looking at. Straight lines and right angles give a sense of reliability and security, also strength, discipline, and courage, as we wanted people to associate him with that. Triangle is an energetic and dynamic shape which is always associated with motion and direction, the triangle also brings the feelings of stability and balance.

Combining all these shapes, we created a stable and reliable logo, that is very dynamic and energized, always looking for improvements.

Branded items

After the logo is approved, we continued to work on branded items design. The items included a business card, T-shirt, Apron cape, and a foil on the shop window.

Business card

Even if technology has advanced, the business card still has its purpose in the modern world. Moreover, an effective business card creates a positive image for people in the business community as well as shows the reliability of the company to the customers.

We created a business card applying the same color palette and keeping a pattern we designed for him. One side includes the core signs of brand identity — a logo and a pattern, and the other side provides short information about the person and the contacts.

On the front side, we used a bit old printing technique to look even more stylish, similar to new UV technique. That way we give it a more powerful and stunning look. The back side was just regular printing.

T-shirt and Apron cape

Our first design for an apron cape was to be copper color with a glossy effect from the inside, and dark grey from the outside, with a copper logo and some lines. It was too expensive for a client, so we created a simpler solution. Both T-shirt and apron cape were a dark grey color with a white logo on it.

Shop window foil

This was quite a challenging process since a client wanted us to design a pattern for his door and windows that are all around that door. We created a unique pattern that works well with his business card and a client loved it, it really makes him stand out.

Designing a logo and brand items for a luxury hair salon can be challenging since there are a lot of competitors in this field and it’s hard to create something unique. Nevertheless, creativity and communication with clients can make this process productive and easy. Few months after the project is done, the client reported that he was able to establish a brand that is very different and unique, his customers love it, it helped him to reach more of them and increase their number.

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