In the design process, there is an incredible number of elements that build a bigger picture. The image, logo, website, the entire visual presentation of the brand that designers make are all glittering gems that attract people’s attention!

The looks of these images and concepts look have a purpose and convey some idea or message. However, how much detail does it take to put together a good design image? And what are the strongest elements that make up a whole image with a strong visual message and a powerful look?

Today we single out one of them for you —…

Today we have an interesting topic for you!

Whether you own, create or use a website, you must have at least once wondered what makes people scroll.

Is it some element of the site, or is it the style and form of the copy? Are there some graphic tricks that you should know, or what? It is very important to know what makes users look at everything you wanted to show on the site. Because that is the point of your content — to be seen and understood.

Well, we have decided to dig for you and get answers to…

At a time when many people are worried about what to put on the page of their website, we advise you on how to get rid of as many things as possible. What kind of advice is that? Practical!

Ever since the active use of white space in design appeared below, above, and between elements, we have realized the lack of objects can be useful. Previously, white space may have been just a wasted space where you haven’t figured out what to put yet. But today, it is an active element of design. …

All business owners should already know the value of a website. We hope so!

The website serves to show your company in an enormous market such as the Internet. When we think about the role of the Internet in our lives, it is a bit scary to admit how much time people spend online. People search, read, watch, write, post, and download content, and there is an unimaginable amount of it. The flow of information is so great that it is both good and bad news at the same time! Search Engines can find you instant information about almost anything…

What is most important for your business? To be easily found and quickly noticed by Internet Users!

Of course, business owners might not say these are priorities. It should usually be quality of work, effectiveness, and originality. However, you would not believe how many successful deals you have depending on how well you place yourself in public. That is especially true of the Internet, a medium that leads to anything that people search, even your business. More precisely, the biggest roles here play Search Engines, such as Google, showing people lists of their search results. Have you ever wondered how…

Websites contain everything you and your company hold dear!

Since this place is full of information, people come here to find out about you and decide if they want something you offer. Precisely because it is the epicenter of your marketing, your website must first and foremost look clear and professional.

All website owners should know that blank pages are not filled by simply throwing all the information on them. On the contrary, on the website, there must be some order. As in a richly equipped store, everything must be visible properly (and when needed). Therefore, it is best to…

How many times have you heard the phrase less is more? Probably many. Do you know what this means exactly? Or are you still wondering how you can get something informative enough with as little detail as possible? Especially in designing brands, people sometimes doubt that simplicity can be an option. Simply, a lot needs to be said through a visual message. And yet, whenever a new one-line, simple-shaped piece of design appears, the audience is thrilled.

That is why we ask: How much power lies in simplicity in design? Even when we know why, do we know how to…

Is it time for rebranding?

A new coating and a new voice?

How do you know when that time has really come?

We did a little research for you. In complex but interesting business management, we managed to single out some important situations. Situations that make every business make an important decision — Should we do a rebrand? Let’s say one big truth right away — not all of these situations are bad, nor is rebranding a necessary fix to some mistake in your branding. On the contrary.

Well, we better start listing.

Having your own business and not having a website that represents your business is completely pointless these days. And to put it mildly. It’s like being a painter whose works lie in a room without anyone looking at them. Imagine that. You can go talk about what you do in life, but if people can’t see and use it, it doesn’t mean anything to you. Or anyone else.

That’s why a website is a way for potential clients to find something that would be useful, and that you can offer them. And why a website and not some other way…

Here’s what we’re talking about today — changes, improvements, and updates to websites and everything that matters to them!

Technology is advancing very fast. Trends in website design are changing rapidly, and the overall experience of information on the Internet is improving. That leads to the fact that a website, your personal hub on the Internet, must keep pace with the modern trends.

What does this mean for you? You may have the best designer who made your website perfect for your business and brand. But, it comes a time when you need to refresh it. Today we write about…


We are a creative studio specializing in UI/UX design, web and app development, branding and design consultancy.

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