5 Web design trends for 2024

4 min readDec 18, 2023

Web design is constantly evolving in order to engage and inspire. From year to year, we see changes in trends that are rather embracing what is popular than they’re drastic. We shouldn’t let these trends dictate the way we do things, it should only inspire us to create better things.

Let’s see our take on top emerging design trends for 2024.

‍1. AI-Generated Design

Over the past two years, we’ve seen the usage of AI in design and the digital world, which will have an even greater impact in the following year.

Designers will use AI-generated designs even more which is a good thing since we’ll see more relevant content not only on websites but on every aspect of design as well.

Until now many low-budget and small companies used stock images quite a lot that often look irrelevant and dull, but now with the help of AI, we hope that will be greatly improved.

But besides images and text, AI can be used to streamline the process by significantly reducing time spent on design and offering a more personalized experience.

At this stage, I see AI as a very helpful tool that will improve quality and speed in our everyday work and will have a great impact on our future.‍

2. Skeuomorphism

A few years back we had a Neuomorphism trend that didn’t stay long because it didn’t complement trends at that time that well. Skeuomorphism is an improvement of that which, in our opinion, will stay longer since it is not used in a way to mimic real-world elements look and feel better providing a familiar user experience.

Since Skeuomorphism gives you a bit of that 3D feel, it will combine well with uprising AR/VR/MR technology. So we don’t think it’ll disappear anytime soon, it’ll just improve and adapt over time.

3. Scrolling Interactions

This is a very popular trend nowadays and we can see it almost on every modern website. The reason we’ll see this in 2024 as well is that it enhances storytelling, guides the user through a website and increases engagement by providing a unique and interactive experience.

4. Interactive Typography

This is a trend for a few years in a row and it will be next year too.

One thing we should expect is kinetic typography where text is animated to capture attention dynamically. Kinetic typography is something we already use but in 2024 will become more interactive to integrate with other elements for an immersive experience.

Typography is also becoming an active design element and not just a way to send a message, it’s becoming more and more important than it was before.

In 2024, we expect to see a blend of modern and classic fonts, large and bold typefaces, and overlapping text to convey a message in a much more fun way.

5. Micro-Interactions

As the name says, these are small interactions often used on links, buttons, and icons mostly while hovering over them or clicking. In 2024 we expect that designers and brands pay more attention to this to adapt users’ behavior and create a better experience.

This will be an important trend because so far we had overly animated and interactive elements that in many cases caused a bad user experience. With micro-interactions, we tend to improve that by adding fun and subtle movements to not distract users but rather complement existing content and design.

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